Go Nuts (or Ape) for my Chocolaty Pumpkin Monkey Bread


Go Ape for my chocolate pumpkin Monkey Bread


I had Monkey bread many years ago and it was so good.   A while ago I tried to replicate it, but failed miserably.   I ended up with a pile of dry bread covered in burned cinnamon.   Yuck!

I learned from that mistake and went on to discover the most delicious combination of monkey bread ingredients I ever tasted.


2 cans biscuit dough

1 cup cinnamon sugar

Nutella Hazelnut spread

Pumpkin Pie dip

5 pats of unsalted butter

1 bread pan greased and set aside

Tear biscuit dough into small chunks and place into a large bowl as you tear them apart.

After all your dough is in small chunks pour cinnamon sugar over them and toss until every piece is coated in the mixture

Drop coated bread chunks into greased bread pan

Do not overlap

Make one layer Drizzle Nutella over this layer and then the pumpkin pie dip

Make another layer of dough, drizzle again with Nutella and Pumpkin pie dip

Make last layer of dough and place pats of butter on top

Place in oven and bake until dough is done, according to directions on biscuit dough can WATCH carefully dough may bake faster, depending how big or small the dough pieces are.

Don’t over bake!

Serve warm with scrambled eggs.

It is so good! You can find Pumpkin Pie dip in most specialty kitchen stores.


About Hey Paw

I am a novice cook. I don't have a lot of experience but I come from a family full of wonderful cooks. Guess I got the recessive, non-chef gene. I thought it would be fun to post my trials and errors in a blog. Hopefully this will help others learn from my mistakes and I can get constructive advice from other cooks out there.

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