I am a novice cook, a work in progress.  I love to cook, most of the time, and like to try new things.  I get stuck in a rut sometimes, and tend to cook the same things over and over.  My husband will gently nudge me out of it, by going to the bookshelf and pulling out a cookbook.  He looks through it and marks things he’d like me to try. 

I use to watch the Food Network a lot, until I had our little boy.  Then it switched to Sprout tv.  Now I can watch it more and I get lots of inspiration from it.  My little boy likes to watch with me, especially the contests.  We pick the ones we like and then try to pick the winner.  He loves to watch Iron Chef, especially when they light things on fire.  He adores that method of cooking.  Good thing, because more of my food comes out looking like I set fire, to it than not. 

I don’t mind telling you about my trials and errors.  I also don’t mind you all doing the same, or giving me ideas from your own experiences. 

Sometimes I just talk about things I’ve learned in life.  Situations that I have found to be beneficial and feel sharing it is the right thing to do.  I’m not perfect, in any way, so if I have an epiphany I’ll share!


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